CSM - The  4th Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, June 27 - June 29, 2016


Day 1: June 30, Monday

Session 1: Bifurcation
session chair: Gergely Röst
9:40Diána H. KniplRich bifurcation dynamics of a differential model for disease spread between two cities
10:10Zsolt ViziBackward bifurcation for pulse vaccination
11:00Plenary Talk
Pawel PilarczykComputational homology
Session 2: Differential equations 1
session chair: Gergely Röst
12:00Eliza BánhegyiA computer-aided study of the delay model of Cheyne-Stokes respiration
12:30István BalázsA differential equation model of optimization of data transfer rate
Session 3: Differential equations 2
session chair: Gergely Röst
14:20Kyeongah NahMalaria dynamics with long incubation period in hosts
14:50András SzijártóClassical solutions of observation problems related to vibrating strings
Session 4: Geometry 1
session chair: Ferenc Fodor
15:40Ágnes KonkolyConvexity structures of Beckenbach families
16:10Tamás ZarnóczSome geometric properties of neighbourly polytopes
Session 5: Geometry 2
session chair: Ferenc Fodor
17:00Patrícia SzokolMaps preserving geodesic and their connection with relative entropy and geometric mean
17:30Tivadar DankaChristoffel functions on Jordan curves with respect to measures with jump singularity
18:00Tamás TitkosOn decompositions of nonnegative sesquilinear forms
18:30Free program
At Rector's Building.

Day 2: July 1, Tuesday

Session 1: Partial differential equations
session chair: Mónika Polner
9:10Béla SzekeresNumerical methods for superdiffusion
9:40Imre FeketeGeneral discretization theory for nonlinear semigroups
10:10Zoltán MarkóInverse problem for 2-dimensional discrete Schrödinger operator
11:00Plenary Talk
Zoltán HorváthResearch, innovation and education in Infocommunication Technology
of the Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Students, Scientific Section of Mathematics and Informatics
12:00Plenary Talk
John MiltonTransient stabilization of unstable states: why a stick balanced at the fingertip always falls?
Session 2: Algebra 1
session chair: Tamás Waldhauser
14:20Nóra SzakácsInverse monoids and immersions of 2-complexes
14:50Carolin HannuschVisible codes in the radical of modular group algebras
Session 3: Algebra 2
session chair: Tamás Waldhauser
15:40Szilvia HuszárszkyOn the solution of interval linear equation systems
16:10Tamás DékányA generalization of the Kaloujnine-Krasner Theorem
16:40Social Program
Visit the Informatorium at Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra.
19:00Gala Dinner
At Rector's Building.

Day 3: July 2, Wednesday

Session 1: Stochastics
session chair: László Viharos
9:10Tamás FegyvernekiMutual distance covariance
9:40Tamás T. SzabóParameter estimation for subcritical Heston models based on discrete time observations
10:10Kristóf KörmendiAsymptotics for the estimation of the offspring means in critical two-type GWI processes
Session 2: Analysis
session chair: László Viharos
11:00Ferenc RárosiDecision curves, a method to compare predictive models
11:30Anett VörösInvestigation of the dynamics of the inverted pendulum using finite elements
12:00László CsizmadiaOn an elementary method for the study of stability of Meissner's equation
Session 3: Combinatorics
session chair: Péter Hajnal
13:50Judit Nagy-GyörgyOnline hypergraph coloring with and without rejection
14:20László OzsvártCounting slim semimodular lattices
14:50Norbert BogyaProjective embeddings of 3- and 4-nets in perspective position

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