CSM - The  5th Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, June 25 - June 27, 2018


Day 1: June 25, Monday

Session 1
session chair: Gábor Kiss
9:55János DudásGlobal stability in difference equations
10:20Tamás TekeliStability and oscillations in multistage SIS epidemic models
10:45István BalázsGlobal stability for price models with delay
Session 2
session chair: Gabriella Vas
11:35Rita Csuma-KovácsThe mathematical analysis of transmission dynamics of varicella
12:00Szandra GuzsványSaddle-node bifurcation of periodic orbits for a delay differential equation
12:25Anett Vörös-KissThe role of the radiation reaction and of the time delay in a system of two parallel current sheets
12:50Lunch at the conference site.
14:00Plenary Talk
Bálint DaróczyRiemann manifolds and hierarchical structures
Session 3
session chair: Attila Dénes
15:00Péter BoldogNew models for proliferation and migration of cells
15:25Mahmoud IbrahimGlobal stability of a mathematical model for a honeybee colony infested by Varroa mites, possible vectors of deformed wing virus
15:50Khalil MuqbelFinal epidemic size with triggered policy and optimal intervention strategies during infectious disease outbreaks
16:15Fanni SélleyAsymptotic behaviour of infinite coupled map systems
Session 4
session chair: Ferenc Fodor
16:55Viktória FöldváriConvex bodies in Minkowski arrangement
17:20Tamás ZarnóczOn the volume bound in the Dvoretzky-Rogers lemma
17:45Ahmed MahdiRotational surface with quadratic ellipses
18:10Free program
At Rector's Building.

Day 2: June 26, Tuesday

Session 1
session chair: Péter Hajnal
8:55Lajos GyőrffyTic-Tac-Toe, amoeba and other animals
9:20János CsányiOn the staircases of Gyárfás
9:45Lillian OluochGaussian regression analysis of drilling protocols for dental implantation surgery
10:10Róbert FazekasLane modelling algorithm for video-based driver assistance system
Session 2
session chair: Tamás Waldhauser
10:50Tibor KissOn a functional equation involving the arithmetic mean
11:15Andra ManuExtension operators preserving Janowski classes of univalent functions
11:40Hayder HashimRepresentations of reciprocals of Lucas sequences
12:05László RemeteThue equations and monogenity of algebraic number fields
12:30Lunch at the conference site.
14:00Plenary Talk
Michael MackeyUnderstanding, treating and avoiding hematological disease: Better medicine through mathematics?
14:50Free program
15:15Social Program
Visit the ELI-ALPS facility.
19:00Gala Dinner
At the Rector's Building, 2nd floor ceremonial hall.

Day 3: June 27, Wednesday

Session 1
session chair: Chairman
9:00Hayder AbbasInvestigations of depth of subgroups in finite groups
9:25Ameer Al-AbayechiTopological loops with solvable multiplication groups
9:50Ádám KunosDefinability in the substructure ordering of finite directed graphs
10:15Ábel LőrincziTree representations of Euclidean quivers
11:00Plenary Talk
Massimiliano Di PentaEmpirical assessment of software engineering research: Pitfalls and solutions
Session 2
session chair: Gábor P. Nagy
12:00Delbrin AhmedGeometric constructibility of polygons lying on a circular arc
12:25Endre TóthSolution sets of systems of equations over finite algebras
12:50Lunch at the conference site.
Session 3
session chair: Gábor P. Nagy
14:00Dávid MezőfiA note on the embedding of Hermitian unitals in projective planes
14:25Sabira El KhalfaouiThe true dimension of Goppa codes
14:50Karrar Al-SabtiRepresentation of finite metric spaces and image processing
15:25Farewell Drinks

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