CSM - The  4th Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, June 27 - June 29, 2016


Accepted abstracts

NameOrganization Title
Balázs, István SZTEA differential equation model of optimization of data transfer rate
Bánhegyi, Eliza SZTEA computer-aided study of the delay model of Cheyne-Stokes respiration
Bogya, Norbert SZTEProjective embeddings of 3- and 4-nets in perspective position
Csizmadia, László SZTEOn an elementary method for the study of stability of Meissner's equation
Danka, Tivadar SZTEChristoffel functions on Jordan curves with respect to measures with jump singularity
Dékány, Tamás SZTEA generalization of the Kaloujnine-Krasner Theorem
Fegyverneki, Tamás ELTEMutual distance covariance
Fekete, Imre ELTEGeneral discretization theory for nonlinear semigroups
H. Knipl, Diána SZTERich bifurcation dynamics of a differential model for disease spread between two cities
Hannusch, Carolin DEVisible codes in the radical of modular group algebras
Huszárszky, Szilvia ELTEOn the solution of interval linear equation systems
Konkoly, Ágnes DEConvexity structures of Beckenbach families
Körmendi, Kristóf SZTEAsymptotics for the estimation of the offspring means in critical two-type GWI processes
Markó, Zoltán BMEInverse problem for 2-dimensional discrete Schrödinger operator
Nagy-György, Judit SZTEOnline hypergraph coloring with and without rejection
Nah, Kyeongah SZTEMalaria dynamics with long incubation period in hosts
Ozsvárt, László SZTECounting slim semimodular lattices
Rárosi, Ferenc SZTEDecision curves, a method to compare predictive models
Szakács, Nóra SZTEInverse monoids and immersions of 2-complexes
Szekeres, Béla ELTENumerical methods for superdiffusion
Szijártó, András SZTEClassical solutions of observation problems related to vibrating strings
Szokol, Patrícia DEMaps preserving geodesic and their connection with relative entropy and geometric mean
T. Szabó, Tamás SZTEParameter estimation for subcritical Heston models based on discrete time observations
Titkos, Tamás ELTEOn decompositions of nonnegative sesquilinear forms
Vizi, Zsolt SZTEBackward bifurcation for pulse vaccination
Vörös, Anett SZTEInvestigation of the dynamics of the inverted pendulum using finite elements
Zarnócz, Tamás SZTESome geometric properties of neighbourly polytopes

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