CSM - The  5th Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, June 25 - June 27, 2018


Accepted abstracts

NameOrganization Title
Abbas, Hayder BMEInvestigations of depth of subgroups in finite groups
Ahmed, Delbrin SZTEGeometric constructibility of polygons lying on a circular arc
Al-Abayechi, Ameer DETopological loops with solvable multiplication groups
Al-Sabti, Karrar BMERepresentation of finite metric spaces and image processing
Balázs, István SZTEGlobal stability for price models with delay
Boldog, Péter SZTENew models for proliferation and migration of cells
Csányi, János SZTEOn the staircases of Gyárfás
Csuma-Kovács, Rita SZTEThe mathematical analysis of transmission dynamics of varicella
Dudás, János SZTEGlobal stability in difference equations
El Khalfaoui, Sabira SZTEThe true dimension of Goppa codes
Fazekas, Róbert SZTELane modelling algorithm for video-based driver assistance system
Földvári, Viktória ELTEConvex bodies in Minkowski arrangement
Guzsvány, Szandra SZTESaddle-node bifurcation of periodic orbits for a delay differential equation
Győrffy, Lajos SZTETic-Tac-Toe, amoeba and other animals
Hashim, Hayder DERepresentations of reciprocals of Lucas sequences
Ibrahim, Mahmoud SZTEGlobal stability of a mathematical model for a honeybee colony infested by Varroa mites, possible vectors of deformed wing virus
Kiss, Tibor DEOn a functional equation involving the arithmetic mean
Kunos, Ádám SZTEDefinability in the substructure ordering of finite directed graphs
Lőrinczi, Ábel BBTETree representations of Euclidean quivers
Mahdi, Ahmed SZTERotational surface with quadratic ellipses
Manu, Andra BBTEExtension operators preserving Janowski classes of univalent functions
Mezőfi, Dávid SZTEA note on the embedding of Hermitian unitals in projective planes
Muqbel, Khalil SZTEFinal epidemic size with triggered policy and optimal intervention strategies during infectious disease outbreaks
Oluoch, Lillian SZTEGaussian regression analysis of drilling protocols for dental implantation surgery
Remete, László DEThue equations and monogenity of algebraic number fields
Sélley, Fanni BMEAsymptotic behaviour of infinite coupled map systems
Tekeli, Tamás SZTEStability and oscillations in multistage SIS epidemic models
Tóth, Endre SZTESolution sets of systems of equations over finite algebras
Vörös-Kiss, Anett SZTEThe role of the radiation reaction and of the time delay in a system of two parallel current sheets
Zarnócz, Tamás SZTEOn the volume bound in the Dvoretzky-Rogers lemma

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