CSM - The  4th Conference of PhD Students in Mathematics

Szeged, Hungary, June 27 - June 29, 2016



Accepted abstracts

NameOrganization Title
Balázs, István SZTEOptimization of data transfer rate in networks by differential equations with queueing delay
Benke, János SZTEAsymptotic inference for linear stochastic differential equations with distributed time delay
Beringer, Dorottya SZTEOn critical percolation probability and unimodular random graphs
Boruga, Rovana UVTPolynomial asymptotic behaviours for dynamical systems in Banach spaces
Crai, Violeta UVTOn the robustness of some general concepts of dichotomy and trichotomy for evolution operators in Banach spaces
Csizmadia, László SZTEOn periodic solutions of second order differential equations in elementary way
Danka, Tivadar SZTEUniversality limits for generalized Jacobi measures
Dudás, János SZTEThe stability of the 3-dimensional Ricker map
Földvári, Attila DEThe complexity of the equation solvability problem over semipattern groups
Gehér, György SZTEIs it possible to determine a point lying in a simplex if we know the distances from the vertices?
Gurban, Daniela UVTPotential systems with mean curvature operator in Minkowski space
Győrffy, Lajos SZTEPairing strategies for $k$-in-a-row games
Ivanics, Péter BMETwo-dimensional moduli spaces of irregular Higgs bundles
Kornyik, Miklós ELTERandom matrices and orthogonal polynomials
Kovács, Kristóf BMESolving the 1-median problem on a network with continuous demand and demand surplus
Kulin, Júlia SZTEA note on quasiorder lattices
Kunos, Ádám SZTECritical relations of the $2k$-crown poset
Lázár, Edit BGECan you motivate the Y- and Z-generation in the high education mainly in Maths and IT?
Maletzky, Alexander RISCComputer-assisted exploration of Gröbner bases theory in Theorema
Mezőfi, Dávid SZTERandom linear codes over high noise binary channel
Mihit, Claudia UVTNonuniform asymptotic properties of skew-evolution semiflows with growth rates on the half-line
Nagy, Noémi MEApproximate Jensen-convexity and convexity with respect to a subfield
Nedényi, Fanni SZTEIterated limits for aggregation of randomized INAR(1) processes
Nyíri, Dávid BMESimple homogeneous structures with the Robinson property
Vizi, Zsolt SZTEPairwise approximation for SIR type network epidemics with non-Markovian recovery
Zarnócz, Tamás SZTECovering the sphere by equal zones

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